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What Is A Leap Year

Before beginning any inquiry into the nature of time, it must be understood that time is not a thing in so far as that it exists in physical reality. Time is an abstract idea, much like the metric system of measurement, language or mathematics. Larry G. Maguire Hi I’m Larry, writer, artist and digital creative. […]

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Has Time Got Us Fooled

In this week’s hardcorejunkie podcast as part of the run up to the publication of my first book The Illusion of Time, I’m looking at time as the widely held concept of our apparent linear passage of existence. Larry G. Maguire Hi I’m Larry, writer, artist and digital creative. I do Crossfit & Ultra Marathons. […]

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The Illusion of Time Book Foreword

The accepted Standard Model of The Universe suggests that before time and before matter, the entire Universe was condensed in a single dense speck. Almost every explanation you’ll find suggests that about 14bn years ago, from this single dense point The Universe began expanding outward in all directions at a uniform rate. The balloon analogy […]

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Does Time Exist; The Illusion of Time

Does time actually exist or is time merely an idea, an apparent function of relativity? Time is sold to us as a precious commodity, something real and tangible. We’ve been raised with this idea that we live along some invisible line from birth to death and that it holds some kind of invaluable currency that […]

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