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Has Time Got Us Fooled

In this week’s hardcorejunkie podcast as part of the run up to the publication of my first book The Illusion of Time, I’m looking at time as the widely held concept of our apparent linear passage of existence. Larry G. Maguire Hi I’m Larry, writer, artist and digital creative. I do Crossfit & Ultra Marathons. […]

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How To Achieve Success; What Your Not Being Told

In this week’s podcast I’m talking about how to achieve success. Not in the usual way you’ll hear people talk about success, but rather what you really need to do to get where you want to go. Every time I’m online these days I invariably come across an article from some dope who claims to […]

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Kevin Harry Hoban Image

In this weeks episode of the hardcorejunkie podcast I’m chatting to Songwriter Kevin Harry Hoban about art, songwriting, music, life, freedom and the realisation that when you’re doing what you want, for no other reason that you love it, anything is possible. Larry G. Maguire Hi I’m Larry, writer, artist and digital creative. I do […]

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Jason O'Hanlon Recovery From Cancer

Jason O’Hanlon talks to me about how CrossFit and a Clean Diet paved the way to a quick Recovery From Cancer. In this week’s Episode I get to speak with Jason O’Hanlon about his recovery from an aggressive form of Leukaemia, and how a clean diet and CrossFit prepared him for the biggest personal challenge […]

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The hardcorejunkie Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of the hardcorejunkie podcast. The hardcorejunkie Podcast is for anyone who has ever decided to release the shackles of the standard working model, unashamedly present the middle finger to those who would limit their self expression, and live life by their own design. Larry G. Maguire Hi I’m Larry, […]

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