Does Time Exist; The Illusion of Time

The Illusion Of Time; Does Time Exist In Fundamental Reality?

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Is time merely an idea, an apparent function of relativity? Does Time Exist only in our minds, or is it something real, that we should spend carefully?

Time is sold to us as a precious commodity, something real and tangible. We’ve been raised with this idea that we live along some invisible line from birth to death and that it holds some kind of invaluable currency that we must spend wisely.

I think it’s a dumb idea and it doesn’t fit for me. It’s like a square peg round hole kinda thing. For me it’s merely a concept, one that has been afforded far too much relevance in modern life.

Time seems more like a tool to me, one that we should use to get things done in the relative world, and put back on the shelf when we’re done with it.

Like a ruler or other measuring device, the clock and calendar are tools to gauge our position relative to other things and each other.

Time can be helpful, allowing us arrange our affairs, plan meetings, go on holiday, celebrate events like birthdays and such, but we’ve become slaves to it.

We see the effects of something we have labelled “time” and state with assurance that it’s real. However, I’ve explored this at length and I’m left in no doubt about its unreality.

Mind you, there are times when I forget, like when I get up late and I’m firing the kids out the door to school. But when things quieten down, it becomes apparent.

If time is precious and valuable then it looks like most of us are in trouble, because we seem to spend it like we have no regard for it whatsoever.

According to Science…

Quantum Theory and non-locality goes something like this (in simple terms); Take two particles, A and B (photons or electrons for example). Pair them, then separate them, and put them on either side of the planet. Stimulate particle A, and particle B will react without any perceivable time delay.

In other words both particles act at the same moment in time regardless of distance. This is remarkable right, how can this be? We need to have a physical connection, we need to observe some kind of interconnecting frequency waveform or something! This also means we’ve got an interaction between particles happening way beyond the speed of light, right?

Well, not really.

Quantum studies are showing science, at the fundamental level, that our concept of time as thought of as a linear passage of events is totally wide of the mark, and in fact there is no mark.

All points of reference are arbitrary, they are conveniences, they are non existent in fundamental reality.

What’s actually happening when we denote a point in space is we are collapsing a fluctuating field of vibration into matter.

Renormalisation; Another Convenience

Take any point of reference in the universe, it can be a particle of matter or whatever, it doesn’t much matter (lol). The further you zoom in on the point the fuzzier it gets, the less defined it becomes and the less it seems to make sense, at least from a physical standpoint.

Science has a big problem with this. In its inability to define things absolutely, it comes up with another convenience to explain the indefiniteness of things.

Enter; Renormalisation. Renormalisation is science’s way of solving mathematical problems which occur when we try to define the universe. It’s basically a rounding up and down of the figures.

This inability to define things ultimately is not only observable at a quantum level but also we can see this in everyday life too.

Let’s talk about the room you’re in, the floor, the carpet, the walls, the paint, the ceiling, the things in the room, how they look, where they came from etc.

We can talk about them forever, until the day we die. There is no end to the level to which we can delve into detail about a particular subject. On and on it goes.

It’s the same reason why world records are continually broken, and why ultra marathon runners can keep running further and further, and why scientists keep find smaller and smaller and bigger and bigger stuff.

The reality is there are no points that exist in the universe, therefore there is no time. Time only becomes viable when we perceive there to be points of reference and a distance travelled (by the observer) between those points of reference.

Time becomes especially real when we perceive these points of reference to be life events. All things are psychic in nature actually. Physical things are merely the collapse of psychic things into physical reality.

We’ve got this nervous system that perceives vibrational things as reality, and in using it we become part of the scene, part of the experiment, part of the dance.

We can never truly be separated from it, and that’s because we are it, consciousness that is. Everything is consciousness either psychic or that same psychic stuff objectified.

In other words; it’s the collapse of the field to what we call matter.

See more on the now famous Double Slit Experiment for explanation of the seemingly contradictory behaviour of light as wave form and particle.

Well, I Remember Yesterday So Explain That!

Some would like to think that time is real and they’d say “well, I remember yesterday, and that was before and here I am now, so there, that’s time that has passed”.

Let me explain what that is…

There is only now. We experience everything now, not in the past, and not in the so called future, only now. If you can really get with that then you will understand. Yesterday is a memory of a previous experience and our experiences don’t exist in a linear pattern, there is no line, no points. Remember the earlier paragraphs?

Some would say “well if there were no such thing as time then we would not die, there would be no decay, everyone would live forever”. This is another misunderstanding. What there are, are cycles of energy, not a single or multiple passages of linear time.

How it is that we perceive as we do, is because our consciousness is a single point of attention, a singularity you might say, and we are watching the movement of the energy through that single point of perception.

It is by virtue of our perception only, that things appear to be, and not to be, to live and die. In fundamental reality there is only everything existent, no movement.

Movement only becomes apparent when consciousness decides to fix itself in what we can reality. It’s really a dimension of reality called physical reality and it is our playground.

the following gif is a fair representation of what you are.

Does Time Exist?

The singularity in spacetime

The Singularity

All there is, is now. Everything exists in an ever present moment from which everything in the perceivable universe comes forth from. Things only seem to be separate by virtue of our relative experience.

It is accurate to say the the point of creation is our point of focus, otherwise know in scientific terms as the Singularity.

The Singularity is the point which all things we experience rise from, and eventually fall back into. I believe it is where consciousness itself dwells in a state of readiness.

Torus structure of space

What you see in the above simulation is a black hole/white hole pattern of the universe. When we try to define the singularity, the center of the torus, we find we can not.

What is created passes through its cycle and then falls back into nothing, available again to become whatever it wants.

It is impossible to define the singularity in ultimate terms. Nassim Haramein has found that the center of the torus is infinitely dense, or in other words it contains the entire universe.

Fundamental reality has an infinite number of answers or possibilities, it has any number of possible outcomes. When the future comes about it does so now and is directly related to how we focus our minds.

The future does not exist until we create it. We are the factor, the parameter that decides the outcome whether our conscious waking mind realises it or not.

We can not isolate ourselves from the the universe, we form part of the equation, always.

Mechanics Or Ecology?

The word “Mechanics” used in the term “Quantum Mechanics” indicates a machine like predictable, buildable, knowable thing. The Quantum Universe in which we live, whether we want to accept it is that or not, may seem on the surface to be mechanical and linear but it is not.

It is probably better to describe the Universe as an infinite number of spherical shaped universes one contained within the next. The Universe is better described as a self replicating fractal system.

If we must give this still mystical system a name let’s call it “Quantum Ecology” rather than “Quantum Mechanics” because it is built from within it’s self.

Everything comes out of the invisible, just the same way as you, me and every other living organism does.

Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. – Niels Bohr

The Shortfall of Scientific Understanding

The current predominant world paradigm that exists says that if a thing can not be explained, detailed, analysed and documented by linear scientific thought processes then it’s mumbo jumbo. If you have a spiritual explanation for human existence then you’re crazy, you’re in dream land.

The traditional scientific mindset says everything in the universe must be capable of explanation either now or at some point in the future by scientific analytic methods alone.

Except for the most advanced scientific thinkers such as Nassim Haramein, common thinking suggests that in the absence of scientific proof it’s not worth the time discussing. If it can not be put in a box with a label then we’re not interested.

The game I play is an interesting one, it’s imagination in a tight straight jacket – Richard Feynman; Theoretical Physicist

To me, although the current system of measurement and verification is actually moving in the right direction, it has a large portion missing.

Quantum particle behavior can not be explained in terms of science alone, that is to say, it can not be explained in terms of the waking mind because the waking mind by its nature functions on the basis that our reality is physical.

Our reality consists of things that cannot be broken down into individual bits of information and explained in a linear mechanical fashion, so at some point we will need to bridge the gap.

World & Personal Challenges

The illusion of time is akin to the old world idea that the earth is flat, and we seem to be completely ruled by the concept. To expect to solve world issues by means of traditional closed minded linear thought is shortsighted and merely reproduces the same problems over and over again.

Scientific research is the accepted modern leader of thought in the world, and that’s a good thing. However, it needs to adopt a wider and deeper acceptance of the link between mind and matter if it is to influence significant change towards better in the world.

I recognise that science is incredibly valuable to us and has provided the basis for all the technological advances in the world, but is this how we are to measure success as human beings on this planet? I don’t think so.

At a micro level, at the level you and I function at, we need to stop putting of living. Stop racing around trying to get ahead, chasing our own tails.

The things we make important are really not. We spend the best years of our lives slaves to the clock and employers and banks and sacrifice our relationships in the process, then rationalise our behaviour by telling ourselves we have no choice.

This western world behaviour is ultimately self destructive and serves no one. We teach our kids to do the same thing and so on and on it goes. Someday, we’ll need to stop the clock.

Grab The Illusion Of Time on Pre-Release

Illusion of Time Book Image

The Illusion Of Time” is available on pre-release Right Now. Grab your 41% discount, Free eBook version, Free audio version, Free signed print copy, and access to lots of other free content I’m creating in the run up to 29 April 2016 release date. Preorder The Book Here

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  • Nice article. I agree that time doesn’t exist in the form that we observe it and that science is giving us plenty of hints that this is true. However, I do believe that the consciousness of the universe is evolving, and evolving through the experiences that we are now having. This is where I have a little trouble – for something to evolve there has to be some sense of time. Also, for something to be “eternal” there has be to be a sense of time. Sure, our physical sense of time is almost certainly an illusion, but it feels like some other sort of time is out there.

    • Hi Peter, long “time” no speak! Hope you’re well.

      I know it’s a bit cliché these days, but how I understand it is that all there is, is now. Everything we experience is happening now. Past and future are ideas, not reality- Tomorrow never comes. The concept of time as we know it is merely an apparent product of relativity. The physical world we occupy, according to our nervous systems, (our biological measuring equipment) exists by virtue of one thing relative to another. What we are really experiencing is the effect of energy cycles via our individual points of focus. Where we share an experience is where our points of focus overlap (psychologically speaking). Absolutely, all there is is an energy, which appears to have a fractal nature.

      From our perspective this world seems anything real. On the other hand we know that all things will decay and new things are born, so what’s real? What’s really going on is that energy is collapsing into form and we get to experience that through our individual conscious focal point. It’s like we are children looking at the entirety of the universe through a toilet roll insert, we only get to see a small portion of it at a “time”. As we walk around the room things come in and out of view. That experience we say is birth, life and death.

      That’s how I interpret it all.

  • David Rentzel

    Time is likely similar to a movie on film. It exists in its totality. What we perceive as time is an illusion. All the “frames” of our existence, exists. We are simultaneously existing in all of them at once. The moment a second ago, still exists and is still experienced by that moment ago. This could also explain time travel as impossible. But, if time travel (to the past) does exist, almost everything we have been told about it is wrong. For example, go back in time and kill your father, jump ahead in time one second. Your father is still alive! By jumping ahead in time, you went faster than the progression of time, where you killed your father. You could not put a penny in the bank and come back to the future to see a million dollars. You wouldn’t even have an account. No paradoxes. No lost energy or matter. You could go back in time and steal a dollar, and go ahead and steal the same dollar again, and again, and bring them all to the future. Why? Because they would all exist individually in their own time. You are not creating matter or destroying it. Proving time travel to the past, probably is proof of time really existing, because matter would have to past from moment to moment, rather than it being an illusion. Changing the past does not change your now. There is one suggestion of time travel that we observe now, and that is of objects moving into the future. The question is, does the matter actually move into a new frame, or does that next frame simply have information suggesting it did happen. In any case, if any kind of travel through time is the result of actual matter moving from one frame to another, then all of time, past, present, and future must co-exist. Oh, and changing something in the past would not make a new time line. That is so stupid! As is the idea that every decision makes a new path through time. However, if the idea of infinite universes really does exist, we would be duplicated, and altered in many different ways in those worlds. And, if you would happen to find a way to visit a parallel world and meet your double, it is highly unlikely the universe would explode! Damn the stupid science in our movies!

    • Hi David, thanks for commenting.

      My understanding of matter “moving” into the future, as you put it is this;

      The energy field or Ether (origin of The Universe or Universes) is/are fractal in nature. We are individual points of consciousness within this. There is no physical existence of things outside our individual points of focused consciousness. Each point of consciousness within the ether, (human being) creates their own unique universe which may or may not overlap with others. The multiverse theory is accurate in that sense.

      Physical things move in and out of the Ether always. We exchange chemical elements with our environment always too, like when we breath or shed skin. Things don’t move into the future from the present or past. There is no future to move into, only now, a single eternal moment from which things come and go to and from the Ether.

      A plant will take chemical elements from the soil and grow, become more and reproduce itself. Humans do the same. Everything is falling in and out of the Ether and we (consciousness) are the directors of it.

      With this reasoning you could accurately say that you are the center of The Universe.

      There is not one planet that we all live on, rather there are billions of individual interpretations of the Ether – Billions of Universes which include all the Universes ever created, or ever will be created. There are in fact infinite Universes every one existent now.

      You could say that The Ether solidifies around our individual point of consciousness. We are like mini vortices of consciousness creating things all around us in every moment.

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  • Axe Paris

    are animals and sea life in chained by time? this conceipt doesnt exist for them simply because it is man made. animals have a sense of direction and and migrating built in them without a clock. i think we at one point did too, but the minds evolution found a way to be universal and more exact with this measurement, so we lost or subdued this part of our mind. the past u remember is happening in the present. the future you inspire for in an inspiration of today and will only happen in the present if it does manifest? My point is…. life it too short to be worried about a moot point. live life like there’s no tomorrow because there’s not one…it will be the present from an angle you look from.

    • sanjayB

      Hello Axe….I found your comment the most relevant. I like it.

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  • Alex Russell

    interesting discussion. I have never really believed in the big bang and the beginning of time even at school I thought it was all too convenient. At one point there was nothing and at the next everything came into being. Which went against all the rules we were taught like you cant get something from nothing. I have often thought, there is no beginning and no end and for the universe to exist it must have something to see it, i.e a conscious mind and that the universe only really exists within that conscious mind.
    So that life viewing it, is what brings the universe into existence and that time only really exists in our head as a passage of thoughts.
    One thing I think science shy’s away from and dismisses it to often as spiritual mumbo jumbo is collective and individual energy. and yet as electrical beings we do produce frequencies and energy fields. Which will intertwine with each other. You only have to hear certain sayings that people say that we never really think about such as “you can feel the energy between them” “you can feel his presence when he walks into the room” “she lights up the room” indeed I often wonder how certain teachers say, had that certain way of making you listen when they shout or make you feel like a naughty school boy when others couldn’t using the same words and I think it comes down to focussing energy on you.
    So if time did only exist in our own minds, then are the multitude of different universes you mention each of our own minds? i.e if you were able to travel back, would the time that you travelled back to, be from your memory. In which case would two people who experienced the same thing together see the same thing or would it be from seen from what their memory remembers of it? So effectively you are travelling back to one universe in the way you saw it and someone else is going to another in the way they saw it.
    Again if time only exists in our mind are we actually travelling back in time when we recall a memory? We recall it, we experience feelings from it so are we actually living it? We already say we are reliving it. Some people say for instance who have experienced traumatic experiences. Change that memory so are they changing time? Because certainly changing that memory of the experience will change their present and will also change their future.
    Again other evidence that we would not go back to the same past, is that it is already being shown that we possibly do not all see the same world through our eyes. There are African tribes that cannot see blue as they do not have a word for it, so therefore they only see a different shade of green. So going back in time they would see a different past to someone else. Would we also be able to go back further than our own memories as if we are energy in a collapsible form are we able to go back further than when our individual energy was created?
    I believe if we understood our energies and how they interact more we could also predict our future with more clarity. But at present whilst some people are able to plan their futures better than others I think the collective conscious and interaction of each individual these stop these plans coming to fruition as our energies are diverted or blocked by other people from our goal. I think if you are able to focus and understand you energies and direct them stronger at your vision of the future you will be able to achieve these things much easier.
    Therefore again are you travelling forward in time when you create this vision of your future in your head and by understanding how to focus your energy properly actually allowing this future to happen?
    I am reading the Silmarillion by tolken at the moment and its interesting as middle earth (or what is actually our earth at the beginning of time) was created from the songs of the Valor heavenly beings that sung the world into existence. Which is similar to what I am talking about.
    Is there some sort of higher conscience out there. Not like the gods of religion but an energy that created life to be able to view the workings of it consciences and time is only an illusion of our mind in order to process what we learn and have seen of it, and allows us to add to what has already been learnt and the more we learn of it as a collective and individual basis the more we can travel through this consciousness and the further we can explore it.

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