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I created hardcorejunkie to present you with an alternative to the ever stressing standard model for life and work.

This is a model that tells you to work your ass off in a system you didn’t design, for the best years of your life, for a future that doesn’t exist until you’re old and wasted, worn out and wondering what was it all about.

I believe there is a better way, a way that brings enormous self gratification and satisfaction. A system for life that allows us experience freedom to make decisions based on our own inner authority and guidance.

A way that allows us bring limitless value to others in the world and happiness to ourselves and those closest to us, by doing what we love.

My mission is to present this case to you by bringing you stories of inspirational people who are living life by their own design and by their own rules. Hopefully, we can convince you that you can do it too.

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Created with a free heart and mind, in Dublin, Ireland by @LarryGMaguire