Share Your Story On hardcorejunkie

I started writing online in 2009 and in the time that’s passed writing on subjects like marathon running, technology, marketing etc I have never seen such a positive response from others to the stories that people have shared here on hardcorejunkie.

There seems to be a real desire on the part of ordinary people to hear heartfelt and honest stories of their fellow humans breaking free from old world ideas and finally doing whatever the fuck they want.

That is to say that they have realised that in order to be happy they must follow what’s in their heart and not what they were told by someone other than them.

What’s Your Story?

If you’ve got a personal success story that you’d like to share then you’re in the right place. I’m not necessarily talking financial or business success but that does count all the same.

What I’m talking about more so, are stories of freedom and of emotional and psychological growth. Stories of awakening and realisation that there is in fact more to life..

Than the standard default model would lead us to believe. I, and the readers here on hardcorejunkie would love to hear from you so drop me your info below.

Talk soon, Larry

Created with a free heart and mind, in Dublin, Ireland by @LarryGMaguire