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The Illusion of Time (Pre Release)


What if everything you thought you knew about reality was merely a figment of your imagination?

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An Exploration Into The Mystery Of Time & Space, The Mind, and Our Relationship To The Broader Universe

What if everything you thought you knew about reality was merely a figment of your imagination? My investigations into science and philosophy and the nature of time and space suggests that might well be the case.

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What The Illusion of Time Is About

This book explores the commonly held human concept of Time and our fascination, worship and obedience to it. It explores the nature of the human mind, it’s apparent disconnection from fundamental reality and it’s inability to recognise its place in the broader Universe.

By examining the theories of Quantum Physics and Cosmology, and exploring the Philosophy of great thinkers throughout history the book attempts to bring together a new idea of time. One that can offer the reader a possible release from the slavery to what appears to be merely an elaborate idea.

“It seems to me that this concept of Time is our modern day equivalent to the old world idea of a flat earth and if we could ever transcend it, human consciousness would be transformed

It is my belief that our power and all knowledge is held in the now. Once humanity can transcend the confines of the commonly held idea of Time and Space, life on this planet will change forever.”

Larry G. Maguire

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Illusion of Time Book Image

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