A Beautiful Beach

I’d like to say I couldn’t give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks of what I write about, but that’s not entirely true. However, it is here, because I’ve given myself the freedom for it to be so. I’ve given myself the freedom to write from the heart about things I care about, and […]

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Joel Bukiewicz The Knife Maker

In the current age of hyper-consumerism and world wide throw-away culture, it’s comforting to know that small scale creators of high quality handmade things not only exist, but seem to be growing. People who are following their heart, designing and creating in small rooms and studios down side streets and isolated corners of the mainstream […]

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The Illusion of Time Book Foreword

The accepted Standard Model of The Universe suggests that before time and before matter, the entire Universe was condensed in a single dense speck. Almost every explanation you’ll find suggests that about 14bn years ago, from this single dense point The Universe began expanding outward in all directions at a uniform rate. The balloon analogy […]

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How To Be Creative In A World Of Convenience

The pursuit of convenience seems to be perpetual. The more convenient we make things, the more convenience we want. Conveniences are like a modern day false God, touted by prophets of coloured shiny things to be the saviour of your hum-drum, monotonous life. But life is not convenient, it’s not meant to be. Besides how […]

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Enjoy The Silence

It was a Thursday morning last, I think… I sat on the dark wooden kitchen chair with it’s tall back against the side wall of the kitchen, where the massive matching dining table sits. I had my customary strong cup of Lavazza coffee fresh from the Italian stove top caffettiera, sitting on one of the colourful […]

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Echoes Of Self Doubt post image

Alison Lighthall Miller (what a great name!) and I are both part of a bloggers forum group on Facebook and we got chatting recently over email about doing #EpicShit, the noise of too much advice and how to Overcome Self Doubt. Alison is a former US Military nurse and works with women suffering from depression, and […]

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Time Management Advice & Bread

I’m suffering from information overload. I’ve heard enough time management advice and read enough stupid fucking life hacking articles to last me several lifetimes. Our focus should on that one thing that energises us, that gives us pleasure and enjoyment. It’s not about being great at managing your time doing shit you’d rather not do.

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