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Larry G. Maguire

Larry G. Maguire

Hey how you doing? I’m Larry.

I built hardcorejunkie for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is to celebrate creative people who have taken a bet on themselves and live life by their own design despite popular convention. Find out more below…

What is hardcorejunkie?

hardcorejunkie is about everything anti-convention. It’s about saying yes to whatever is in your heart without a single fuck being given. It’s about completely immersing yourself in what you’re doing simply for the love of it.

It can be anything, from driving a bus to writing a book, opening a restaurant, riding horses, sweeping the street or doing tax returns (borrrrring! Ok I’m joking….)

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re being creative and original. As long as you’re doing what you came to this earth to do regardless of what anyone else thinks.

It’s about doing your shit, at any level of ability, with total commitment, no matter what your job, craft or chosen path.

This stuff comes first from the heart, and then with the conscious action, we refine the physical results and create something great.

I should note, that it’s not possible nor is it practical to be as exact and deeply immersed in everything you do. It’s likely you have only one thing that you can afford this much energy and focus.

In fact, you will find that amazing people, especially the “creatives”, will seem to be totally scattered and disorderly when measured with a traditional yardstick.

Here’s What You Can Expect From hardcorejunkie

There’s not much censorship here. Here, you’ll get the full shebang, fucks n’all.

I think everyone should have a place where they can be free to speak their mind independent of the opinions of others. The more places you train yourself to do it, the better life will be.

When you do this however, you’re likely to get some grief from those who would rather you do things they way they want you to, but you’ve gotta say fuck them! and just go for it anyway.

I’ve got some ideas that I’d like to share

Ideas that would certainly not be universal, and may seem counterintuitive. They might seem controversial, however I intend not to be controversial for controversy’s sake, but to challenge commonly held ideas, challenge belief systems and the status quo.

As well as creating hardcorejunkie.co as a means to express a contrary opinion, I intend introduce you to Epic People who have built their lives by design.

These are people who don’t mind graciously presenting the middle finger to those who would challenge their freedom. They hold steadfast in their views in spite of popular opinion, and go full tilt towards their goals regardless of outcomes.

Content you can look forward to..

  • Interviews with inspirational people (Podcast).
  • Stories of ordinary people doing epic shit.
  • How to beat inner fear and negative self talk.
  • How to cultivate positive habits that lead to achievement.
  • Finding your true calling.
  • How to break the cycle and build a life by design.
  • Some art and a few books for purchase.
  • And a fair dose of philosophical thought with a little scientific pondering.

This Won’t Be A Rant…

I promise I won’t rant (too much), only present you with an alternative to what we currently accept as acceptable.

Every week I sit and I endeavor to write a brand new piece of hardcore epic content to help inspire you to change. Change your mind, your ideas, your health, your philosophy, your sense of self, your life.

I might suggest from time to time you buy my books (I have to keep the lights on y’know), but overall, I am here to sell you nothing, only an idea that there is a better way to live.

I have come to realise that life holds deeper meaning and has a promise of complete happiness and contentment. One we can actually bring about in the world on a massive scale if we have the courage to change our strongest held inner belief about who we are.

So, I hope you get on board

Regards, Larry.

Would you like to share your own personal success story of breaking free from the standard model of life and work? We want to hear it! Submit your story right here.

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