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hardcorejunkie celebrates people who express their creativity, choose to live life on their terms, & by their own design. Join the community and get inspired to change.

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Hi I’m Larry G. Maguire,

Larry G. MaguireWelcome to hardcorejunkie, the place where ordinary people live life on their own terms and by their own design. If you feel something calling you, and you’re looking for permission to change, this is where you’ll get it.

What is hardcorejunkie?

hardcorejunkie celebrates everything anti-convention. It’s about saying yes to whatever is in your heart without a single fuck being given. It’s about completely immersing yourself in what you’re doing simply for the love of it.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re being creative and original. As long as you’re doing what you came to this earth to do regardless of what anyone else thinks.

It’s about doing your shit, at any level of ability, with total commitment, no matter what your job, craft or chosen path.

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Here’s some of the things I’ve got for you


Check out the hardcorejunkie podcast for interviews with ordinary people doing Epic Shit every day.
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Get a sack load of inspiration from these personal stories of success & achievement told by people just like you.
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Start creating your life by design. Get strategies and tips to help you break the mould & start doing Epic Shit! right now.
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I create photorealistic drawings of people in sport and music, who choose to live life by their own design. Check out my work here.
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I'm working on a couple of new books due for release later this year. Check out the book titles which are available now for pre-order.
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Your Story

I love hearing about people who take a bet on themselves and achieve success. If that's you drop me a line & let me know about it here.
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